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Adobe Campaign Classic data model description | Adobe Campaign
This document describes the Adobe Campaign data model.
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GitHub - rndme/aes4js: A high-level AES-GCM 256 encrypt/decrypt routine for JavaScript using...
A high-level AES-GCM 256 encrypt/decrypt routine for JavaScript using native WebCrypto API - rndme/aes4js
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Adobe Campaign Standard product documentation | Adobe Campaign
Browse Campaign Standard product documentation
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Custom SQL functions Best Pratices (Adobe Campaign) | Blog by Florian Courgey
Create your own SQL functions to be used as XTK expressions in Adobe Campaign Query Editor! Intro Adobe Campaign lets us create custom SQL functions that will be available in the functions list, in the Expression Editor. With that in mind, let’s...
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Get the content of your serverConf.xml in Adobe Campaign | Blog by Florian Courgey
serverConf.xml holds a lot of information concerning the configuration of your instance. But there’s no direct access from the console. You can read and dump its content using Linux commands through Javascript.
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Ways to See SOAP Traffic | This Is Not a Blog
There are several ways to see the soap traffic. To generate test messages and watch the response, I would consider using soapUI from This tool will parse your WSDL and will allow you to build request messages and send them, and...
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